Come Be My Friend

**Written on the plane 5/26**
Today I take my last trip home from school ever. It would be a bigger moment for me had things worked out differently but to be honest this trip has everything to do with life and nothing to do with school and for the first time since I was 5 years old those two aren’t the same thing. I’m a teachers kid, an honor roll student, a school boy. I’m also an Academic probate, a rebel, who for lack of a better term is basically stealing his degree this term. I really miss the days when all I had to worry about was my GPA but I look forward to the days when I don’t have to cram every ten weeks. It’s been fun. I have no regrets about going to school. I just did a Net Present Value assignment for my Econ class and I had to compare the value of a job I could have gotten out of highschool with the value of a job I could get with my degree. Assuming a certain interest rate, adding up my fixed and indirect costs and spanning a 20-year period, I am financially better off for having gone to school. In one of the analyses I did, the dollar figure was actually pretty close. Education isn’t cheap, but I was happy I chose school anyway. Maybe I won’t be any richer after I pay off all these loans but at least my Bodhisattva will get to tell people her Nino is an Astronaut and not a city construction worker. And to me that’s the point. I would be just as well off either way but to the people around me and those who need my support; I owe it to them not to take the easy way out because I see no shame in working for the city...matter of fact I’d get better holidays. If I had it to do over again I actually would have studied more. I spoke with a friend from high school and we just kind of talked about how the dudes in school who all the girls wanted to bone back then are now fat with three kids. Not that I couldn’t see this coming in some instances (I see you Tate’r Mac!) but for the most part this shocked me. I mean men get more distinguished with age right? Maybe so, maybe no, but I guess it feels good to have made it the other side of things with my hairline static and what little sex appeal I have still intact.

I'd like to give a shout out to all girls right now. When guys come home we ALWAYS smell like whatever they were wearing...for better or for worse. Tonight wasn't a bad one but you end up wishing they were still there or being glad they're not. Smell is after all, the strongest sense tied to memory so maybe they're onto something. I have another random story from the Hospital but it is so long that It will be it's own post. So instead I offer you this.

Things that happen when you start a blog

1. Random people from Europe will send you highly unacceptable pictures like this:

2. When you witness craziness you will react with joy not the usual remorse for the decay of our society:

3. Realize that if you replace "Andy" with "T-Rex", this is a reenactment of an actual conversation I've had:

Now you See me Now you don't

I'm going home this weekend to see about a girl. It's her birthday coming up and I wouldn't miss it for the world. I expect great things this weekend. The Wet Bean & Cheese will be back with updates starting June 1st and then I will break again until after Graduation on the 14th.

-Be Easy

Working for the Weekend

Okay so I don't know why I didn't post this when I wrote it and it is now like a month outdated so expect there to be missing links or unfinished thoughts. But no matter, now just for you here it is, digging in the crates....

[The Mgmt.]


I hope everyone has been having a good 2010. I have been focusing a lot of energy looking for good stuff to write about and just like that these past 5 months have flown bye. For better or for worse I think I can say I’ve enjoyed these 4 months more than any other 4 in my entire life. There may have been a stretch back in 1998 but it’s hard to say. Part of the reason I’m having so much fun is that life is hard. Life fucking sucks and I have had just as much to laugh about as to cry about so instead of doing either I try to just enjoy each moment. When things start to get epically bad, I curl up in bed and don’t move just like anyone else might but when things are good you had better believe I soak up every stinkin’ moment of it. I don’t have any grandiose notions of life and what I can expect from it so the littlest things are starting to mean more to me.

Take this weekend for instance. It was filled with lazy days and sleepless nights. I honestly wish I knew how much fun college could be because right now this schedule is spoiling me rotten. I saw a world-class athlete run track at noon, a softball game with one of my best friends at 1, then watch a great film (Up in the Air) that night with some close friends.

I woke up around noon the next day and though I was woefully dehydrated from sleeping in front of a sun washed window, I still had a whole day to waste. I then played what would become my first games of Bocce ball ever. Awesome game that it was I then had to break to share a BBQ with a buddy who is going to ride his bike to Central America later this year. The night ended with a great playoff game between the Portland Trailblazers and the Phoenix Suns. This is the investment I made 5 years ago. The chance to have weekends like this, are why people go to college. Never again will I be able to invite a model and her friends to my place or any other for that matter just to chill. The good is always balanced by the bad but I have so much negativity reserved for other things that all I will say is this: sometimes you have good ideas, and sometimes you have horrible fucking ideas. Inviting Waffles to the Fucking BBQ was not one of my brighter ideas.

And now time for another random story from my time in the hospital.

I wasn’t always in just one hospital. I actually had 3 surgeries over a 5 month period so all in all, it came out to 4 hospitals in 2 states over 6 months. Not a bad total and for the low-low price of only about $1.5 Million you could take the same trip. I don’t think the miracle of my story has anything to do with my new heart at all. What is miraculous is that I made it that long in the first place. I came home in March to have an AICD implanted which basically gives you a jolt of electricity to try and get your heart back into rhythm. My heart would sometimes beat upwards of 160 times per minute so in order to get that back down to a normal resting rate sometimes shocks were needed. Without the device I was running the risk of my heart getting stuck at such a high rate, passing out, and eventually dying from VFib. So in March of 2009 I came home for spring break and had the surgery done. All went well and I had a pager sized bump in my left pec. I didn’t hurt and it really had no purpose except for in extreme cases. The morning of April 17, 2008 was one such case. That story culminates with me at Memorial hospital in Long Beach and a night in which I often woke up to a nurse standing over me in hysterics. See for me, the heart rhythm had nothing to do with my physical exertion so if I were to be asleep I could still experience these tachycardias. So apparently some nurse was given more than she could handle because apparently while I slept my heart raced wildly out of control. Now obviously this had been happening for quite some time before I’d had the surgery and I had no ill effects. Yet now I was hooked up to a monitor and someone was hearing a lot of alarms most likely because this nurse did what any rational person would do…She woke me up and told me to calm down.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Long Beach and will always consider it home. But in the end those nurses were about as far from competent as I think I’ve seen and TRUST ME, I’ve seen some incompetence in my day. I guess the on call doctor, who was not my doctor, did not want to be bothered. My real doctor was leaving for Europe that night and was unreachable. So these poor ladies were in over their head with a patient who seemed like he might just up and die right before their eyes and were too scared to call the doc. I have hazy memories at best of what happened that night and even then had far less understanding of what was happening than I do now so it’s unlikely I’d be able to make any conclusions of what was going on anyway. I made it through the night and no one had to be called in. I hopped in an “Ama’lance” the next day and made the most nerve-racking drive to Westwood I’ve ever made… yes more nerve-racking than even the one when I got the call.


Life's an adventure. And If there were an opposite to the speed bump on the road of life it would feel like finding a twenty dollar bill in your jeans right before you wash them. Or finding out that you have proof you are happier now than you were a day ago. Both of which happened to me today. *smiley face goes here* I found the picture above while clearing out some stuff and realized I never posted that with a bunch of text explaining why It fits my current disposition. But seeing as I no longer feel that way I can go to bed smiling tonight because even though I feel just as crazy as I always do tonight I have HARD evidence that I'm least for the moment. Sweet dreams Yall.

It Ain't easy bein' Green

One of these days I am going to learn that I should not watch House anymore. I have some real deal PTSD stemming from my days in the joint and I really don't do well when I hear alarms going off frantically. On another note I realize that a main them of this blog is fidelity and the basic principle of staying faithful to someone or at the very least being honest about not being able to do so. But I'm working on something that goes in a bit of a different direction. It really revolves around the idea of the fallen hero. The character who we know has the noble and redeeming qualities so cherished and fabled about yet for some reason or another is unable to live up to their esteemed calling. Dr. Gregory House is a great example of one such character. This along with my own sudden desire to completely change my outward persona via this tattoo I'm coming up with are what spurned me onto this idea I think. Speaking of tattoos up above is my new #1 biggest influence on the matter...both for and against ironically. Skateboard-P got his ink removed even though there is little in this world he cannot have. So what was the catalyst for such a choice? It was a feeling inside himself, he said in the interview that "he's 30 years old with fire on his arms...".

If Alarms sounded more like this then I think I would be okay with them

As all guilty men do, You will rewrite your History

I've got to assume that since literally 99% of you watch me work and never interact that you aren't looking to be heard, but are here to see what I have to offer. In that sense I feel better because I always felt bad for not including your vision here, but at the same time am sad because I have to admit I'm not entirely sure I can hold the audience. No matter I'm going to keep doing what I've always done. So here goes.

I went to lunch with a classmate of mine last week. Something I honestly wish I could have done more of in the past but that wasn't my journey so I don't stress it. The days post tense have left me thinking only one thing...I think I was a bit too comfortable in my own skin around her? I hear the way to handle these things is to just be yourself but when you're me that can be both a good and bad thing. It's a bit whimsical because there are obviously many interactions and so for me to assume that it was my openness that caused any glitch in the Matrix is a tad presumptuous but not completely unfounded. Lets hope this weekend brings improved results. I love my girl Ariana by the way, who once I informed her a cock block had appeared in our class out of nowhere, told me I was going to give up rather than increase my effort. From her, and only from her is that more a statement of fact than a putdown. I don't know how she got to know me so well but no of course I have to prove her wrong because as right as she may be I'm still competitive.

My idea for the sleeve tat' is basically at a standstill. I know I want it and I know where I want it. But the final two choices are much harder. Where to get them and whether to get them are pretty much road blocking the process. I have plans to meet up with a friend back in Long Beach in a few weeks and hopefully she can help shed light on all this and Melissa should be back from her honeymoon by then so I'm sure I can get an earful of sense from her too. that I think of it, she's had some "work done" so maybe she won't be as down on this idea as I expect. I have this weird urge to implode sometimes and I think it might manifest itself in a post soon. I mean True Hollywood Story type, tell all post about myself that may needlessly put things into the public forum that don't need to be there. I dunno why it is those things intrigue me in the least but..if I were like everyone else then I suppose I wouldn't be writing this would I?

P.S. - SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!

I only Lie if I'm paid

I just finished the worst workout of this year I'm sad to say. It should be no surprise though as these things come in threes. I had the worst BBM conversation of the year earlier in the day, followed by the worst post EVER (Blogger #fail) so when the workout I'd been looking forward to crashed and burned it shouldn't have really shocked me. These things come in threes. When I look back on the lessons learned today I want to always remember that no matter how hard I try the world will always see me as what I am, not that I wish to be, writing is an organic process but that doesn't mean it has to be disorganized and most importantly as much as I enjoy it, my time would be best used in a gym that didn't allow scantily clad women in.

I'll make it easy on you, what a disaster

No school for me today. Just wasn't up to it. I thought a lot about Michaela last night and her mom. It sucks to say and I feel wrong for saying it but I really do miss the hospital sometimes. There are plenty of people who would obviously love to trade with me so I don't for a second forget how lucky we all are to be on this side of the hospital doors. All this has also made me soften my stance. I don't think it ever got written here, maybe it did? But when I'm in the position to go back I really do want to go and see patients in the hospital. It is a shitty circumstance and if seeing me is any sort of consolation then I'm all for it. I don't know what Bill Sears is up to but I will be at UCLA to see Chris and everyone first thing saturday morning. I don't think I ever shouted out Rhodora which is a shame because she is one of my most favorite earthlings ever. You would be hard pressed to find a better person than her. Shouts to my man Newman while I'm at it.

I've seen this pose before, seems to be a female favorite?

Like I said graduation is right around the corner so the flights and hotel room are booked and P-Unit infiltration to my land of solace is exactly 30 days away.

There usually isn't any thing political going on here and for good reason. I don't like to run my yap on things that a) I don't know anything about b) seem mostly unimportant or c) aren't that exciting. But this is an instance where even in violation of rules B and C I have to speak on the matter. I was going to post a video from CNN featuring the dynamic AC360 but it's a big file that I didn't wanna sit around waiting to upload. Point is this. Some idiot whose name I will not even bother to go lookup is both a Doctor and an officer in the military. In what must have been his attempt to further prove to me, no matter what educational accolades you receive, you can still be a Dumbass, he decided to ignore his orders to return to war because he thinks President Obama is not actually an American.

What the Fuck is wrong with people. There's a rant inside me that I won't type out but just imagine the expletives landing like rain on a windshield and you'll get the picture. Part of me is upset that he is not deploying to Afghanistan. This feels like an overwrought plot to skip out on a trip back to the middle east and that along with this obviously blatant attack on the president for no reason really anger me. This punk ass looks the part too. He sat up on AC360 looking like the type of guy who would snitch you out in two seconds flat. Take it from me, I was raised a skittish, unassuming, weakling and only through experience did I learn to stand up and be a better person, so I can still spot someone with no heart from a mile away. The look in someone's eyes when they will sell you out for no reason at all is pretty apparent and this dude has it. I was livid to hear his argument but then when he popped up on CNN with a lawyer in tow who ended up doing all the talking for him I knew this was a gutless bastard the likes of which we've never seen before. If you truly were trying to take a stand for yourself and what you believed in, risking jail, professional ruin, and shame, you wouldn't let that ride on a lawyers lips. You would be marching hard trying to get the word out. This fool sat there and didn't say shit. He didn't even look like he wanted to...I'm just gonna take 5 seconds and *woosah*

Okay, I'm back. And the only thing that seems to make sense anymore is astrology. I love to make real life choices based on the power of the Zodiac because unlike actual religion there are no rules and as an added bonus it actually has some real life applications. Take 'Alex' for example. She was born on the last day of her sign just like i was so I know that though I could use the one set of dates most people would to figure things out, this one will be more useful.

That being said I don't feel beholden to this particularly dreary prediciton. Perhaps I am just still caught up in, "the powerful initial attraction" phase of things, but even still I get to laugh at ridiculous phrases like that. I've got enough self imposed rules of my own so getting to bend and break these really make things a lot easier for me to get behind. Besides if there is a single lesson I've learned it's that...

I don't Smoke that stress

The Girls Marina,
and Melissa and Jenn too
Nanoor you the most

Also the smell of
hospital soap, every day
bosom soft indeed

I want what Samantha Ronson has. She has this perfect mix of, "I could give a fuck less" and, "I secretly do care, but I'm so cool you could NEVER call me out on it". Plus she's foreign but her accent isn't from anywhere. It's pure unadulterated cool juice coming across those thin lips of hers. She, I am positive could pull far more women accidentally than I ever could on my best day. The funny thing about this is that random people love talking to me. All my close friends have an, "I was with JT, and such n' such happened" story. Everyone knows someone who looks just like me, or saw me at a party last week, or whatever. Samantha Ronson however has a mystique I am sure prevents any such thing. She is like a black hole almost, in that she belongs to an elite class of humans, who have an aura about them so disinterested in what we mere mortals are doing, that we feel the need to overcompensate by really caring about what they have going on. The other problem here is that I am fairly stable and fairly predictable. I think a big part of that aura is that no one ever really knows what she is going to do and that's what keeps things intriguing. I spend my whole day trying to enlighten you as to my thoughts and so right away there is a difference between her and I..among ALL the others.
Graduation is right around the corner as is post #100 so with all these momentous occasions on the way soon I'm feeling the heat like a glacier would. (I may sweat but it never changes my composure) Anyway the haiku written above in honor of Haikuesday are devoted to some things I truly miss.

Took my whole flavor, I call her Coke Zero

Another post that rips off a Jay-Z lyric for a title is well underway and I'm happy to be back at the keys. The blatant product placement in his lyrics though disturbing is still effective. The man is a wordsmith, thats for certain, and it is my hope that I amount to be the same at some point. As of yet I don't feel quite that way but I found a story on the net that I think accurately shows some pretty great story telling. There is a big problem in this story and I want you to see if you can spot it. It goes as follows:

"My wife and I are watching “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” while we were in bed. I turned to her and said, “Do you want to have sex?” “No,” she answered. I then said, “Is that your final answer?” She didn’t even look at me this time, simply saying, “Yes.” So I said, “Then I’d like to phone a friend.” And then the fight started…"

I'm not an expert or anything, but what I do know is that this is one of those moments when the perfect joke will get you in trouble. You had better have been extra good THAT DAY, if you think you're gonna pull this off. I don't mean you let her pick what you watched earlier that night, or you told her she looked skinnier than usual last week. You had damn well better have saved her from a burning building that afternoon then not gotten mad while she flirted with the fireman who showed up. I know this because this is EXACTLY the type of thing I would say. I absolutely would. I have no filter and it's been proven time and time again that I value laughs over consistent sex. Though in hindsight I do value loyalty and devotion. Those two however are finite resources.


Now about this problem...can anyone spot what it is? Any guesses? Here's a clue, it has nothing to do with what he said...Give up? It's simple. What in the world is he doing with a girl who would say no to that question?!? Genophobic as I may be EVEN I know that there is no way that a relationship can work if she is saying no to that question. For disclosures sake I will admit that I usually date women whose libido exceeds my own and it's spoiled me but really..? W..T..F..? I am not sure I've ever even heard no so trust me this conversation would never happen for me anyway, because the day I do hear no I'm going to burst into laughter then say, "That's cute, I'm going to write that in my diary...You ARE joking aren't you?"

This is one of many things I've come to appreciate in my single days. I think being single has made me a better boyfriend. I finally learned to pick battles and I definitely learned to appreciate the good FAR more than I worry about the bad. I feel bad that there are some guys who will settle for this kind of behavior. It's like telling me there are 2 feet wide spiders or something, I believe they exist somewhere but I NEVER wanna meet one...NEVER.

I don't really have any advice on the subject of this argument because it is as I would call it, "A hypothetical Impossibility". But what I do know is that what I've had has been good when I had it. And I've certainly never been told no. I do know someone however who does have some good advice and I've posted her before so I'll do it again because Resha "gets it". She in my mind has the perfect sensibilities a GF should have. She says lots of outlandish things all the time yet often she speaks like she knows what it is like to be a man. For instance...

Guys who don't fully appreciate stuff like this are just as bad as girls who say no.

She is freaky but she also understands simple sanitation. I'm not against anything (anymore) but it is simple math if you ask me. *kanyeshrug goes here*

We agree on the important Kimberly K.

And of course she is no fool. Nothing is getting past this one.

All that said, the following is the only truth that anyone need be concerned with. It is a lesson I had to learn the hardest way and have been working hard to spread to the masses.

Damn I just want some Sushi

I have been having cravings for sublime foods lately. I think the first thing I'm going to do when I'm home next is hit up the Lazy Dog, Roscoes, and Benihana in some order or another. the food here just doesn't stack up. Part of what makes being in Oregonia all worth while is stuff like this though:

My boy Neil has been singing with OTR for a few years now, so don't think this is some spin off of Glee. They've been good as long as I can recall and it seems like the attention the group is getting may be long overdue. I couldn't decide which version I liked better so I think I will just put them both up.

It's been fun here in school and I'm sad this is the last time I will be an official "College Kid" It has been the greatest experience of my life and I wouldn't have done it anywhere else. I think the friends I've made kept me alive and without them I'd be no where. I can just imagine the post I'm going to do regarding the end of days here. It's gonna be intense, tears will be shed, I'm dreading writing it already. I'll miss these guys the most.

This is actually starting to make me like her music I think? It's definitely an upgrade, I can say that much. Hope you enjoyed this all video edition of the WB&C. More good things soon to come I am sure.

These are the kinds of things that happen

It's Cinco De Drinko so a good portion of my readers won't be reading this until the weekend most likely but I just got back from a workout and I'm tearing myself up at the seams over another eventful trip. I skipped the Rec yesterday SPECIFICALLY to avoid the Jersey Chasers who had shown up to "Git seen" by the football team. We just finished Spring Ball last weekend so that means all the guys are free to hang out after school now but still have instructions to lift from coaches. Year in and year out it is like the Salmon spawning, these dudes show up and the girls do too. Im old enough to remember when this was actually know back when I was younger than everyone. But now these hooers are my little brothers age and not nearly as appealing. The signs are just a bit too obvious for me. A girl with a regular bra on and not a sports bra..tryin' to git seen. A girl whose shorts look like what the Showtime Lakers wore...tryin' to git seen. And of course, a full face of makeup to workout is someone deperately, tryin' to get seen.

He had a "Magic" "Johnson" Double entendres abound!

Now anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of the hooers. I just don't do skeezer. I made this choice unfortunately at an age when I didn't even know what sex was and so didn't quite understand the implications this would have on me. Needless to say I am now mortally bound to stick with the decision because I have some romantic attachment to the image I saw for myself then and I do my best to live up to this antiquated idea no matter what. So today I went at a time before any ballers may be in attendance and got down to business. I saw the She-Aries and we chit chatted about the Lupe Fiasco show this weekend and then I was on my way. It feels so good to be tired from exertion again. Sitting in a hospital bed for so long robbed me of that joy and it's taken quite a while to come back to form. I went to get some water and someone walked up next to me. As I stood, I looked, and facing me is this brunette. I'm indifferent to what I see and so I turn to go about my business and what do I notice..? A red bra strap that matches her red gym top.

Now I am an admitted self saboteur when it comes to women so this shouldn't surprise any of you but my first thought was actually, "Fuck, I wonder how long I have before these dudes show up." The Jersey Chasers have some sort of intelligence network and often show up BEFORE the guys do which is scary in itself but I was enjoying my lift and didn't need to see 50 extra people start milling around breathing up all my air. It was just funny to me that she coordinated the bra and top. Had the two been mismatched I would just have assumed she'd forgotten her job bra or perhaps not cared, but this shit was premeditated and thusly an annoyance. So as I get back into my lift I realize she is an aberration, perhaps she thought the meet was yesterday or perhaps she was hoping to see a particularly committed fellow who came two days in a row. Either way, my fears were for naught because the swell never came.

He is a complete dork and even he gets girls.

I went back to see the She-Aries at her desk to sign up for a bike in between sets. Lo and behold look who is behind me? Yea red straps. Now I've noticed she of course wearing my personal favorite, yoga pants, and doing well in them; but I already find her presence annoying so it's really not as persuasive as it might have been. On a scale of Gwyneth Paltrow to Kim Kardashian she was probably Jessica Alba. (nice but only from certain angles) Nice as that thing was, I was happy to finish the rest of my work out without incident. That is until I went upstairs to stretch out.

Stretching and ab's always come last for me because I like to take my time. The mats were mostly taken up so I just found an empty part of the carpet, threw down my towel and went in on some medicine ball pikes. That was not very much fun. I usually try to just lift weights and not fuck around to much when I'm at the gym. It's a habit that made working in a gym bearable when I had a long distance relationship. So even now I just find it rude when people are on cell phones or playing around or best of all, trynna git seen. Go to the bars for all that! Anyways I'm done with the pikes laying on the ground feeling the pain while waiting for the gain and I see this chick on the mat across from me who must be a D-cup, but what caught my eye was the fact she was looking at me too. I was embarrassed because if you are like me, then picturing all of my 6'4" doing that pike then crumpling to the floor in an exhausted huff doesn't seem to graceful. I finish my ab's then get to stretching and now find myself looking over at the Busty Blonde. If it's not clear by now I want to make it so now, I am mistakenly living my life by trying to hold on to childish naiveté. I understand that every girl that smiles isn't a hooer and I could in theory just take it as a compliment. Buuut I don't.

This girl had some sort of creepy perma-smile which was nice but still...scary. I was done so I walked down stairs to get changed and walk home. This story ends as such. Somehow she made it to the locker room before I did, and so when I rounded the corner there staring me in the face was this perma-smile. Look am I a fan of above average sized breasts? Yes of course. Do I love a watermelon shaped ass just as much as the next guy? Well what was your first clue? My point is there is some physical reflex I have, that instead of allowing me to go up to these women obviously looking to be talked to, I make sure to walk as far and as fast away from them as I can. This chick with the tit's was especially troublesome to explain to myself when I asked "Why didn't you talk to her" mainly because there was no real reason. I'm just not into that sort of thing. And what thing is that you ask? Being happy. That's what. Some people meet me and have a hard time believing I don't drink or smoke, others have an even harder time finding out I can count the number of people I've slept with on one hand. And I'm talking honest disbelief, people think I'm lying to them. I imagine if they saw the neurotic physco-babble I just spewed they might find it easier to believe.

So yes, tonight, instead of motor boating the night away, I will instead hang out with my friends like always, maybe even catch up on some Hulu. I remember joking with my ex all the time in a self deprecating way and just saying, "Who is gonna bone me?" In some ways it's quite true that no one is, but it's really only true because even the ones who are trying, aren't going to be successful with the way I look at things. I think the next time I see either of these two girls I will approach them and see how it goes, not so much because I want to, but because I've no reason not to.... This sounds like no fun at all.

We love these hoe's.

What The fuck is wrong with me

I truly suck at life. I definitely proclaimed this week to be the week of hate. And not only do I have my Hate posts ready to go but they are filed and ready...for the wrong week. I often write things and then schedule them to post at a later date but since I apparently cannot read a calendar they've been set for the wrong week. I will again have to make those of you who are waiting continue to do just that. This by the way is the problem the POTUS is having at the moment. When you give people specific deadlines for your tasks they expect you to be done by then even if you can't deliver and never would have expected you to in the first place. I'm less than pleased but again I apologize. Tomorrow is hump day as the giggly girl at the rec center informed me. Do you think she was hinting at something?

Today is Haikuesday

The boss speaks to him
the gauntlet thrown we rejoice
a sight to be seen
Don't start none won't be
start none, then none there will be
I excited now
You cannot assault
The one who signs your checks now
Unless he cusses