Here look, I don't want you to see this

When I was happy, I was too busy to write about it. Busy being happy I mean. So if the content of my thoughts are different now it's most likely because I'm mad and ready to tell the world, but that doesn't mean I won't be happy ever again. This world is full of projecting by people in similar situations. Some want to cope with it via Facebook statuses or subliminal tweets. As I scroll my feeds everyday I see these virulent messages; "I am so glad to be done with him!", "Well that was a waste of time", and of course "I'm on to the next one!!" But all this does is sully the experience of being happy for everyone who isn't in the same boat. I dont think relationships are bad and I don't deny that people need to vent so what happy medium could there be?

I find that the line I most readily draw is right between commentary and advice. I fully support everyones right to publicly wish ill and spout negativity as it relates to their own life. I've felt such dark and evil thoughts that I felt I HAD to spew them because they felt toxic to keep inside. Goodness gracious "just get this out and move on" I thought to myself. However when someone wants to say "all women are useless" or "love is for fools" then I have to take issue. I don't want you telling me love sucks..I'm happy loving things. Shoes, fast cars, gummi bears, music....BACON! I love those things. I mean what could be better than being able to feel love, I think it is one of life's small blessings. We love whatever we are drawn to and no one can tell us not to.

So when you get hurt and want to put things up on your public site that work to undo the greatness of something simply because you feel like you no longer have access to it, please just don't. I mean I could give you all twenty straight quotes that detail how love has served to cause nothing but pain and suffering but just like RELIGION often claims to bring a positive influence to peoples live, nothing harmful ever done by the church was done with the intent of bestowing "love". When you get yelled at, or cheated on, or enslaved, or nailed to a cross, it is not because someone doing it loves you. So yes love will blind you, but that's not all loves fault. The inordinate amount of evidence that seems to support the reprobate nature of love is merely because those of us lucky enough to be in a state of bliss are far too busy enjoying that to worry about telling people. It is also the reason conversely that we ALL hate to hear about how happy someone is. I do support the anti-sharing movement. If you and your lover are happy then go be happy. Don't tell me how great it is, don't share the amazing things you do for one another trust me I could care less and if I don't care I doubt anyone cares. My ex said I was too nice to everyone else and not nice enough to her...probably true so trust me I feel confident in saying

If anyone is guilty of subliminalities it must be me, but that's because a lot of my messages are always backed up by real world actions. I'd never just threaten or gripe and not act on it. I'm quite certain the people who I hold near and dear to me WISHED i'd only subliminally lash out as I tend to overindulge myself. So please I implore you..let us be done with all that jibba jabba about fools rushing in, or love being for saps. Do you wanna die sad and alone?

In the words of the ever quotable Briana Loca, "I'm not mad at life, just mad at YOUR life."

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