Esta casa é minha casa

Casa Kimball looks like a place I’d like to live. It’s tropical, the lines are fairly symmetrical, and the size seems like it could accommodate me, and those of my ilk easily. It’s a far cry from where I am today, but hopefully not far from where I end up. It’s interesting being 5 years into a 4 year journey. The familiar faces have long since vanished here on campus and the daily struggles seem less challenging. There is a 4 day weekend ahead of me so for those with real jobs I will enjoy it on your behalf…as I read up on the U.S. Constitution and try to get some headway in my Sports Law class. Both of these classes bring me to realize how much I enjoy learning about the respective fields but how little I actually want to work in them. If I don’t end up as a Pol or a sports agent, I have no clue what I will be. I know I’ve been speaking about becoming and Astronaut lately but STS-129 was the last successful shuttle flight until the new space program is unveiled and with a cost of roughly $1.3 Billion USD/launch it is unlikely most of the 5 remaining scheduled flights will take off this year.

Speaking of home, I had a place I called home for about 3 months this past year and I am melancholy about leaving it. Part of me wants to move back into Ronald Regan Medical center, and go back to my room that could easily have been a $900/month studio apartment in Century city and just never leave. Those nights I spent waiting were relatively stress free. There are no expectations of a sick kid, and when I was there I was the star of the show. Waiting is easy for me. Mainly because it really only consists of sitting and sleeping. Two things I am adept at. There was a certain kind of perfection that those days had that I don’t think a return trip would provide so I try not to reminisce, but the more I think about it, the more I’m sure that I was the happiest person ever on an organ transplant waiting list. If not for the people around me, then definitely for the life lessons I learned.

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