Home for the Holidays

So I broke down and decided I’m coming home in a few weeks. I had been scheduled to be home for a check up in the middle of January but I was like a baby newly sprung from his diaper. The sheer joy and unencumbered freedom I felt being out on my own again was enough to put a smile on my face in veritable perpetuity! Alas I must admit it’s time to return, just for a pit stop. I always get the same good news so I don’t worry about going more than a month without a stop into the doctor. I must admit this avoiding germs thing is kind of like playing a never-ending game of Deal or no Deal. It isn’t hard; it’s just tiring. Day after day I pick box after hypothetical box every time I go out into the public. And the real rub in all this is that the million dollar case is represented by my stasis. My state of not being sick is its own reward, and that is all I have to play for. Treading water with no way out of the pool… my what a tangent this has become. Good grief JT calm down.

There was much good news to be had this week. The University of Phoenix where 7=10 came through in the clutch and by virtue of their classes being on the semester set up, the 7 credits I took with them equaled 10.5 quarter credits here at the U of O. AWESOME! I’m painfully close to the end of this whole ordeal so I’m as always everywhere and nowhere all at once.

I LOVE the outlet the Wet Bean & Cheese is affording me. It really is the best substitute for a therapist I could ask for. However I do want to make sure I’m catering to my readers needs. And what a shy bunch you all are. I’ve had 2 comments in the last 17 posts. That’s not many and I do enjoy feedback, both good and bad. I have been able to post about 3 or 4 times a week, which right now is a good amount for my taste but is it too much? Is it not enough? My inkling now is to balance between posting too much at one time and waiting so long before posting that topics aren’t relevant. The post on Haiti is an example of me pushing something forward to keep it relevant. At any rate be on the look out for some new stuff soon. More topical essays, more videos, and most of all, more hate. I find that my writing voice comes through most clearly when I disparage things so be on the look out for my thoughts on driving, first impressions, my choice in women, and more. check out the Tunes at the bottom of the post. They are currently my favorite Finnish Indie Electro group ever!

Helsinki 78-82 - Cruisin by TOP BILLIN

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