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I've never done a .gif before. I tinkered with the settings so now only 3 posts should appear per page which will help with the load time considering all the multimedia aspects I like to use. This also marks my return to regular updates. I got called in to work on July 4th so even though my wallet was happy, I certainly was planning on using that day in a way that would put me back on schedule sooner. Enough chit chat though.
Now as for Prince, in this moment, he emotes such that you almost forget he is 4 ft tall and has better heels than half the girls in LA. *snaps twice* I love Prince and I think in a lot of ways you have to look at him as an example of how to live your life in a very Macro sense. I say macro because he is obviously crazy. Heels, boas, capes, and ass-less chaps aside he is always busy and always fabulous. Prince has no time to be seen in public shopping. He isn't ever at the hottest club mingling. The man lives in a mansion and cooks pancakes for his guests at 4 AM from time to time. He is the most interesting man in the world and all because he doesn't have the time to tell you about it. Dos Equis definitely has an ingenious marketing strategy but they're missing one key element. Interesting people are always doing and rarely have time to fill in the little people on the deets. As far as I'm concerned I'm ok with living my life a bit closer to Prince than maybe you are. I'm not going near heels under any circumstances nor will I ever wear the ass-less chaps but purple is a nice color and I'm a big fan of scarves, so if a boa is going to land me a mansion then this blog is about to be renamed the JT-Rex Boa
Life beckons and as always I feel like I want to hit snooze. I want to travel the world but in this day and age that can be an expensive thing to do. So I'm promising myself one in state trip and one out of state trip before the new year. I'm thinking Portland in Late August for a whole week would be nice, then from there perhaps Chicago sometime to see a grad school this fall? Sounds fun I think but as always I'm planning trips I want to take alone. I have a horrible track record with trips so hopefully I can sign someone onto the Chitown or even the out of country trips. I'll be with and surrounded by friends in Portland which is kind of why I want to go away. I love all my friends and I'm luckier than lots of people because they all want me to do well and seeing people get genuinely happy for you is a touching thing. However it's insulating and with that much love why would I look anywhere else right? I think a tour of Cardiothoracic medicine wards might be cool. Though off the top of my head that would take me places like Minnesota (Mayo Clinic) and Maryland (Johns Hopkins) so not exactly the most tropical locales available. We will see what happens. Right now it looks like I won't be moving home until after Christmas so I have time to plan this stuff out before shit starts to get real.
I've been out of the house more and more lately. I think in the time post 12/09 I was in a major funk and just didn't want to go outside or see anyone. A lot has changed since then and I'm finding the need to sit in front of my computer happening less and less. I feel bad though. I go whole days doing actual activities and and hanging out with actual people and then I come home to a cold laptop that's been neglected all day. I feel bad but I'm sure it's for the best, it's about time I regain some people skills. I certainly don't intend to let the rat race come between me and the WB & C but I can see a difference already between the way I look at events during a day. Much of what happens I could write about but it's not unique in anyway. When I was moping through life random events seemed more quirky and odd but now that i'm back in the world of the living it seems like life is good but not noteworthy. So all I have to say about summer so far is that... Jonah Hex was a surprisingly good movie as was Lovely Bones. Toy Story 3 however was unnecessarily dark and sad. I want pets, a house, and a family but screaming babies/children are as close to instant birth control as is available right now. Retail can be tedious, boring, and stressful. It can also be a lot of fun. I miss Mr. Wellington like the Dickens and soon I will have him replaced.
I hope you all are doing well and maybe just maybe one of you will leave proof that you were here? Comments are now turned on in case you wanted to leave one.

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  1. I am a stalker of your blog, and would rather not leave any evidence that I was here. But, I was. (back to hiding now) -k.r