No Pants Dance

I'll bet you can't guess who I think looks best in this shot. No really you can't.

I could easily do this for the low, low price of $20

Yeen knOW!

No matter how bad it is now I'd rather live in 2010 than 1910.

Absolutely gorgeous...Ladies, you look nice too.

Kim I fucking hate you and your horrible taste in men. Take off that silly ass hat!!

Hey look at this.

Made enough for two boy, Stunt Double


Life is a party

Be still my beating heart.

"As a father your only job is to keep 'em off the pole."

No checked Luggage

Fuck what people think. I do what I want.

Oh hello there. #lordhavemercy. El oh El smiley face.

She has a great GPA.

I had a post go up last night which I'm pretty sure no one saw. If you did then that memory is worth it's weight in gold because I don't think it's going back up. It wasn't anything dramatic I just was unhappy with its quality and after mulling it all day I didn't get to it in time to take it down. My bad. Instead I hope you like the pictures.

Shout out to all the people with nothing better to do. Don't watch me, Watch tv.

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