Burrito Boy

This is my first post that isn’t just some pointed essay. As much as I enjoy learning new things and catching up on topics of interest, it’s the personal ramblings of people I admire that interest me most. I also was told that my penchant for posting videos on other peoples various accounts would find a good home in a blog format; So to begin, a new personal favorite of mine.

All I can say is WOW! I am glad I am not a 98 lb. girl who had too many Vodka-Redbulls.
This video is why I do not drink. For fear that I too will one day lose my faculties, assault my friends sexually, and then get sucker punched while they hose me down in a bathtub. And this girl is especially lucky because her kids (lord willing!) will be able to relive this moment with her, all through the magic of modern technology. Take this moment to replace the young woman with your mother and then be thankful that it's just a thought.
This is the last week before Christmas officially arrives and I must say 2009 as a whole has been full of promise but just never quite as good as you thought it would be...Like the first time you had sex with a stanger. Tiger Woods was recently outed as a philanderer, I spent almost 4 months, in the hospital, and we elected our nations first black president. All in all not a shabby lineup of important events. Im not one to do those year end retrospectives, I can barely recall what was going on last month let alone what happened in February. What I do like to do is guess the future and for us our year of birth is so important in how we view it. For me the future seems bleak. My countries peak is behind it and all roads seem to lead the same direction. But for this girl things may be different. She was born in 1998 and at the ripe old age of 11 she is still a long ways from feeling the outside world is her responsibility. My memories of being 11 center around wanting to be older quicker (what a dummy I was) and not really understanding why Gummi bears weren't a food group. Take a look at this last video and think about what people being born as you read this have to look forward to, and why they're lucky they won't have to worry about remembering Britney Spears.

I decided to name my blog after another personal favorite of mine. Like the stated motto it has a little bit of everything, and though it contains no bacon, Im not convinced it wouldn't be any less delicious if you sprinkled some on. When I refer to the blog I feel like I should be able to use the name in a sentence, like, "Have you been to "The Blankety Blank" today?" So as this blog rounds into it's final format I hereby dub this page "The Wet Bean and Cheese". The wet bean and cheese burrito is my FAVORITE thing about Oregon. I was introduced to the local establishment known as Burrito Boy and quickly fell in love. There are other, more extravagant things on the menu, but like me the WBC is simple and filling. It's also fairly cheap which brings it even closer to my heart. For all its artery clogging goodness, I simply cannot swear them off so I thought it was a good thing to use as a nickname here.

I hope you enjoyed today's update be on the lookout for RoseBowl coverage, why America still has a chance to be great again, and my new favorite running theme: Person least deserving of the space they take up in the universe!

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  1. 1. these videos make me love asians even more- it's possible i'm slightly bias though.

    2. burrito boy wet anything= bomb.com

    3. I'm relatively thrilled to find another eugene blogger, but slightly nervous that we might know each other and therefore might expose my blog to the outside world lol

    4. oh, herrro.