A compromising Posistion

Betrayal is an interesting thing. People deal with it everyday. Perhaps the most interesting thing about being betrayed, is that it's a pure byproduct of being human. Society is a construction designed to keep human's from utter chaos. We pool our collective freedom's and in exchange we gain safety. However this peace of mind is delicate and there are those of us who still subscribe to the Hobbesian ideal that life is brutish and short. That humans are unfit to govern and to trust is a mistake. Albeit there is plenty of evidence to support this, it makes personal relationships quite difficult. Blocking your heart, your trust, and being uncomfortable is a safe thing, not an easy one. I wish there were some way to find answers for what our intended roles were. Monogamy? Polygamy? Hetero/Homo sexuality? What, if any of these are the correct way to live your life. Of course the simple answer is to find something that works for you. Surely in a planet of 6 billion individuals you can find at least one person with whom you share a common ideology. The trouble is that in a world where we seldom make real friends outside of our zip code, finding this person is something similar to finding mall parking on Black Friday. We must therefore make compromises to make the situation work for us.


As I see it, finding someone with whom you can fight life's battles is the most important thing. A diad is an incredibly strong thing. Someone having your back is the key to human success. There are many times a parent won't do simple things for personal gain, but watch what actions they can do in the name of a child. Lovers traditionally pledge to serve one another until death do them apart. My favorite scene in any one movie is the one in Good Will Hunting. Robin Williams is explaining to Matt Damon that though his wife is dead, he remains unmarried...Because his "Wife is dead" The career comedian delivers these lines with such force that you don't doubt for one second he speaks of an actual lost love.
This picture I've described of monogamous, deep, everlasting love, is a tenuous one indeed. The same power this love brings, the power to send Mothers into burning buildings after children and Husbands into the ocean after drowning wives is the very same power that left Williams' character in a state on mental paralysis. His love was so great that when he lost his wife, she took with her part of his functionality. This love, is a wonderous thing, but when the trust is betrayed it can do irreparable damage. Crimes of passion are some of the hardest to predict, but easiest to understand.
So it begs the question is it a misguided idea to even attempt such relationships? If engaging in this kind of love opens a pandoras box of emotion and power the likes of which few of us are prepared to wield...then perhaps we should refrain. I could talk about the power love brings and what the right and wrong ways to use it are, but in the end when Love compels you to fly around the world just to see one you love for a moment, no one questions it. So when Love compels you to do something of equal magnitude in what can be seen as a destructive manner, then I won't be one to question those acts either.

As they say, "All is fair in Love & War". You may disagree, but I assure you...I'm not talking to you.

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