Step 1

In the day and age that I type these words, Blogging has come to symbolize the pervasive egocentrism of the world we live in, which is largely why it pains me so much to do this.This blog will be my exercise in masochism. I am a perfectionist at heart, and after I am dead and gone, should anyone waste the time to look over my life, I want them to be impressed with what I did while I was here. "Just for fun" or "half assed" aren't really in my vocabulary. So even writing this pains me because decisions are made, to be second guessed. Even good ones can be better. There are infinite ways I could format this. Multiple ways in which my words could be written, and myriad techniques I could use to make my work better. So to satisfy my urge to emote, while respecting my need for all public works to be relevant now and forever onward; I've simply promised myself that I will never forget my 3 rules of being human.

1) No one cares.
2) I am not unique.
3) I will not be happy with the results.

These rules seem blunt and somewhat anti-social, but in all honesty I suffer from some Quixotean assumption that what I do MUST matter and therefore DON'T do things simply to avoid people saying what I've done isn't good enough. Interesting being that I was the kid in class whose hand was invariably raised, of course back then I was certain I knew the answer.
Digressions aside, I'm done airing out my insecurities and hope to provide an insight into the world as I see it, you may agree or you may not. I look forward to hearing about it either way. This isn't for you, I'm not concerned with your enjoyment. Nothing on this Earth needs me to survive so I have no misconceptions that I am somehow important or that even by being right, my ideas hold any special weight. This right here is therapy for me. It is a shrine to all that I admire and a place where I will air my grievances against that which I do not.

If you ever feel my words are too sharp, my feelings to blind, or my stance too bold, then worry not....because I'm not talking to You.

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