December 23, 2009

My eye’s burned, my lungs became intractable, and head begged me to lay it down in a state of rest. I saw things I never thought possible, a live horse on stage, a black man dancing as the Nutcracker, and a Pedophile as a main character in a major ballet. Amazing the things you learn at the local ballet. While I never knew this before it isn’t necessary for me to be in the absence of the smell of feces in order to have fun, however it is sufficient. So shouts to the nice old lady who taught me this very point at the Nut Cracker today.
Today marks a sad day for me. Christmas is this week and I will be back in school in January. This is the last free weekend I will have before real life begins again. Christmas, Rose Bowl, New Years, School. Almost that fast I’m back at it again. I have enjoyed my time at home, though it’s been tumultuous and painful in so many more ways than one. It feels good to be headed “home”. I really do wish things could stay this way just a bit longer. Enough about me though.
The Nutcracker as a play is an adaptation of the story written E.T.A. Hoffmann. It was commissioned by the director of the Imperial Theatres Ivan Vsevolozhsky in 1891, set to music by Tchaikovsky in 1891–92, and staged by Marius Petipa. It being my first ballet, It is of course now my favorite, or least favorite depending on how you see it. The pedophile I alluded to earlier is apparently the character known as Councilor Drosselmeyer. The fact that as soon as he appeared on stage and started touching children in ways that left them running for cover is what left me to this allusion. His mardi gras mask didn’t help his cause either. And though his part was small, it was one I could have done without altogether. The show in total was amazing but I doubt I will soon return as I found the errors throughout more entertaining than the shows intended means of entertainment...dancing.

One part about going to the hospital I loathe is seeing other patients. There is an underlying feel of camaraderie that many people espouse, and some try to facilitate. I am no one special and I think part of the reason I don’t try and make friends is because I don’t want to align myself with some group. We all go to the same hospital, we see the same doctors, our bodies have failed us in similar ways, yet do we really have anything in common? For the most part everyone is very nice and very concerned about the well being of others but I'm just never in the mood to share my time in the spotlight with people who have equally severe medical situations. I was in a bit of a funk. I've taken up a new hobby known formally as insomnia lately and so when I arrived at the hospital Monday morning around 630 AM I was in no real mood to do P.R. But of course it is in our lowest moments we are called upon to do our best work.

Shouts to the girl awaiting a dual lung AND Kidney transplant. I wish you the best baby doll!
Shouts to my man for turning 24 and playing doctor on my psyche all the while. Much Obliged.
Shouts to the University of Oregon. Im coming for ya! Bad news is on the way..I PROMISE!
Last but not least shouts to the little girl who caught stage fright at the show and had to be escorted off stage. It's ok you get MVP honors from me.

"You can't fight Fate"-Clyde Shelton
"Now that I cannot abide"-Aldo Raine
"May You Live Forever"-King Leonidas

To those who oppose me, may you bring me an honorable death...I'll settle for nothing less.

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