The Patrick Bateman School of Nonchalance

In my haste I forgot to engage in even minor formalities during the first post. The only people reading this blog so far are people I've actually spoken to and know. Should this ever change, then for the uninitiated, this is where you should become familiar with me and what this is all about. First off, I like rules. Not in a pedantic, "the world depends on order" sort of way, but in a "this party is more fun if we're all dancing to the same song" way. This blog will not be a single subject affair. I hope to touch on everything and offer my opinion to matters big and small. I'm not anonymous and I don't intend to be mysterious but who I am and the functional adult person you may know overlap quite a bit, but not completely. So many people ask me about JT-Rex and what it means. I have so many names to so many people. Some see me as 1844, some see me as Mr. Roberts' son, and others see me and say, "bad news is headed this way", (sometimes I mean for that to happen). Regardless of that, JT-Rex writes these works; it's from that P.O.V. I focus my ideas.
I’m toying with the idea of including things like running gags that I do. For instance I kind of want to do a "Things I'd tweet" segment, but I could also just tweet them. So that seems dumb at the moment. I also stole an idea from Philip DeFranco and thought to have a sponsor or mascot for the week. Something funny or interesting that I use as a theme for posts during that time period i.e.: Patrick Bateman and his school. It's an irony but he fits in here I think...are my ideas are actually getting worse as I say them or is it just me? As you can see these ideas are not well formed but I will be toying with format, color, and layout for a while until I get it to the point where I am the LEAST upset by it.
I may be the first person to devote TWO posts to administrative matters but if I didn't I wouldn't be happy or comfortable going forward.
All the great things in life have some oral history, set of rules, or tradition that precedes you; and it is through those the story of any institution is told. So what you have in this is my voice. It is not a daily blog. I’d be lying to us both if I said I would update this daily. Little of what I do is interesting to me so why should I think it would be interesting to you? Consider this a first person trip through my life.
My first post was a bit over done. However it was more me reassuring myself than anything else. I suppose just the fact that I used blogspot and not some, from scratch website proves that I don’t really care about making THE most indelible mark possible, not to mention I have neither the urge nor the incentive to make mine the GREATEST blog ever. Besides who would want that? How embarrassing...

In conclusion be on the lookout for my first official post in the coming days. 2009 has 19 days left in it and to be honest a year that started with such high hopes is coming to an end I couldn't have predicted given a thousand tries. I tend to be adversarial in my writing, daring the subject or audience to prove my point wrong. And I suspect that in my next post your stance may differ from my own, which is fine...because we both know whom I'm talking to.

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