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Full disclosure. I am the son of 2 teachers. This in no way biases my opinion that students in American classrooms are mostly mental midgets but that’s more the schools fault than theirs.

I found video recently of one such student, one who engaged in a physical altercation with a teacher. Now this incident sounds like a classic example of an adult losing control of a situation and harming a child. But lets be honest the 10th grade student was 2 years from being a legal adult. Fit to fight for her country, pay taxes, and watch R-rated films. Shouldn’t she be a tad closer to avoiding full on scraps with her teacher? The incident took place in May of 2008, in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The bible belt is notoriously weak when it comes to education but this story is dumb on all sides. The teacher claims to have been having trouble from the student all-day long and words had been exchanged prior to the incident. In fact witnesses claim that the tussle was initiated by a kick in the leg from the teacher to the student on her way out of the room. Now what makes this especially mindless on both parts isn’t that it happened or why it happened but when it happened.

These two fools fought each other over what amounts to nothing…on the last day of school. A day in which the schools population is somewhere around that of a theatre during a movies 15th week of release, on a Tuesday at 11 Am. Oh, and I forgot to mention it was a substitute. For all intents and purposes these two fine young women may not have ever even met.

So what, you ask is my point? Well like any fight, there is only one question, who won? The video evidence is there, as well as the post match aftermath, but unlike sanctioned boxing matches this event had more to it. The substitute may never teach again, and the student is facing starting her junior year on suspension. So who has it worse you ask? The teacher does, and it’s not close.

Getting beat up is always a bad look, but getting beat up, at work, by a teenager is just plain shameful. Not to mention the fact that you will NEVER be getting a job subbing in that state if anywhere ever again. When you woke up that day you surely never expected it to end that way. The sad part is it was up to her to stop it. Though the first blow appears to be thrown in self-defense it was still the first blow. She also later was manhandled and beaten by the student continuously while students stood by and laughed. I simply cannot accept that this would have happened in ay classroom I was ever in. If I were superintendent of that district please believe the student would be placed in some sort of remedial life skills class named, “Things never to do under any circumstances” in her case lets hope having kids is one of the subjects, and the teacher would be fired for acute incompetence but not before I was able to just give her the Ed Lover face for about 15 minutes. I would then follow her laughing as she was escorted off district property most likely onto her new occupation as a fry cook.

This country some call the greatest in the world sure is full of boneheads. Apparently though, one of our eastern friends has a few themselves. Back in February of 2008 a Swedish teacher was found guilty of flashing her 47 year old breasts at a student. What I love is her clear ineptitude of motive structures for teen boys because I can assure you a flash of the tits in response to any action of mine would surely have only resulted in me repeating said action as early and often as my 16 year old self could muster. The teacher said the boy had been writing filth and curse words on the board in class and her attempt to get him to stop was that? This makes no sense at all. I can’t imagine what she thought he’d do but I’m certain it wasn’t get her fired, though that is indeed what did happen. If there is any injustice here at all it is that she was also ordered to pay to the boy roughly $700 (5,000 Swedish Kronor) The court said the boy suffered undue “trauma” as a result of her flash. I admit 47 isn’t the age of most models in the world but he saw tits and didn’t have to pay for it, he WAS paid for it. That’s a travesty.

You may disagree that a teacher fighting a student is her fault just because she was attacked, or that a boob flash doesn’t result in trauma for young boys but that’s ok, because I am not talking to you.

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