I don't Smoke that stress

The Girls Marina,
and Melissa and Jenn too
Nanoor you the most

Also the smell of
hospital soap, every day
bosom soft indeed

I want what Samantha Ronson has. She has this perfect mix of, "I could give a fuck less" and, "I secretly do care, but I'm so cool you could NEVER call me out on it". Plus she's foreign but her accent isn't from anywhere. It's pure unadulterated cool juice coming across those thin lips of hers. She, I am positive could pull far more women accidentally than I ever could on my best day. The funny thing about this is that random people love talking to me. All my close friends have an, "I was with JT, and such n' such happened" story. Everyone knows someone who looks just like me, or saw me at a party last week, or whatever. Samantha Ronson however has a mystique I am sure prevents any such thing. She is like a black hole almost, in that she belongs to an elite class of humans, who have an aura about them so disinterested in what we mere mortals are doing, that we feel the need to overcompensate by really caring about what they have going on. The other problem here is that I am fairly stable and fairly predictable. I think a big part of that aura is that no one ever really knows what she is going to do and that's what keeps things intriguing. I spend my whole day trying to enlighten you as to my thoughts and so right away there is a difference between her and I..among ALL the others.
Graduation is right around the corner as is post #100 so with all these momentous occasions on the way soon I'm feeling the heat like a glacier would. (I may sweat but it never changes my composure) Anyway the haiku written above in honor of Haikuesday are devoted to some things I truly miss.

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