It Ain't easy bein' Green

One of these days I am going to learn that I should not watch House anymore. I have some real deal PTSD stemming from my days in the joint and I really don't do well when I hear alarms going off frantically. On another note I realize that a main them of this blog is fidelity and the basic principle of staying faithful to someone or at the very least being honest about not being able to do so. But I'm working on something that goes in a bit of a different direction. It really revolves around the idea of the fallen hero. The character who we know has the noble and redeeming qualities so cherished and fabled about yet for some reason or another is unable to live up to their esteemed calling. Dr. Gregory House is a great example of one such character. This along with my own sudden desire to completely change my outward persona via this tattoo I'm coming up with are what spurned me onto this idea I think. Speaking of tattoos up above is my new #1 biggest influence on the matter...both for and against ironically. Skateboard-P got his ink removed even though there is little in this world he cannot have. So what was the catalyst for such a choice? It was a feeling inside himself, he said in the interview that "he's 30 years old with fire on his arms...".

If Alarms sounded more like this then I think I would be okay with them

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