What The fuck is wrong with me

I truly suck at life. I definitely proclaimed this week to be the week of hate. And not only do I have my Hate posts ready to go but they are filed and ready...for the wrong week. I often write things and then schedule them to post at a later date but since I apparently cannot read a calendar they've been set for the wrong week. I will again have to make those of you who are waiting continue to do just that. This by the way is the problem the POTUS is having at the moment. When you give people specific deadlines for your tasks they expect you to be done by then even if you can't deliver and never would have expected you to in the first place. I'm less than pleased but again I apologize. Tomorrow is hump day as the giggly girl at the rec center informed me. Do you think she was hinting at something?

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  1. did you build that K'nex thing? God I miss K'nex