Lets take a trip

I've been seeing some crazy commercials lately. Both online and on T.V. so I decided to try and illustrate a story for you all using a few of them. In honor of World Aids day which is Dec. 1st and Valentines day which is tomorrow I just want to remind everyone to be careful and always practice safe sex. Shout out to my girl Sara Evjen!! She is on her way to an impoverished country somewhere in the world and will soon be spreading the gospel of safe sex and healthy living to those in need. We are all very proud of you Sarita!

So when it all started I was here

I think I read she wanted him to do whatever he wanted except piss in her mouth? Why stop there I say? I assume whatever did happen resembled this.

Apparently The answer was no. Shouts to El Chisme.

Remember kids you need to be safe.

Been there, but for slightly better reasons I think

I don't find this subject funny at all anymore

Now that's all behind me, so it's...

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