Yea it's That time again

I should be doing a write-up on the Lincoln-Douglas Debates right now but in my research I’ve found some things that really made me want to write. The way these guys wrote, and the quotes attributed them are astounding. I can’t think of the last memorable quote someone made since maybe Kennedy’s Inaugural address in 1964...unless you count Yoda reminding us that there was no “trying”, but only “doing or not doing” , and that was in 1977. So anyway forgive me but I’ve always really loved the words of the framers, regardless of their slave holding ways. All this is to say that I would love to do a post about separating the person from the accomplishments and understanding cognitive dissonance especially in the forum of parenting, so maybe I’ll get time to read up on it and give you my 9,000 words on the matter. Until then I’ll just leave you with the words of some pretty cool dudes and hope they mean as much to you as they do to me. There’s much to be said for doing as is said and not copying what has been done. For the record I judge people on their negative actions. The negative actions are ones that don’t appear. So the less people lie, cheat, and steal the more I tend to like them. If you’ve seen the movie Inside Man with Denzel Washington and Clive Owen, then you know one of the key antagonists is a wealthy humanitarian but he is wealthy because he got rich selling out his Jewish friends to the Nazi’s. I don’t really care that he’s managed to donate tons of cash to try and absolve his sins, I’d be happier if he hadn’t been a sell out. To deprive oneself is a sacrifice and that holds value to me. Negative actions or inaction to an opportunity iniquitous in nature mean a lot to me. I suppose it’s a by product of having been given a lot and shielded from much at an early age. I was able to grow up simply searching out the bad and fixing it, not being mired in bad, and looking for any sign of good. I just learned something about myself.

OK...Now I'm talking to you, and this is all I've got to say.

I really don't recommend it.

Why do you think I'm posting right now?

It's just that simple. Honest.

Yea That's gonna be a good week I think

You Should join Us

I tried leaving you with just the words and pictures but I was listening to this album while typing. For the record it took me just over an hour from start to finish.

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  1. I am watching Inside Man right now. Just got off work after a 18 hour day. I miss you and love the quotes. Keep up the amazing writing. I am glad you are doing this!