Sanka... you dead?

I have a lot of new posts, many new tidbits, and a lot of new ideas. So if you’re not caught up go back now, and take a peak. I did a special tribute to my Grandmother who passed away last Monday and took the week off out of respect but now I’m back. Though I’m never up to watch SNL when it airs, I think It’s taken a definite turn for the better this season. This cast doesn’t have a lot of names you can assume will be stars later on which makes it better to watch in my opinion. All the cast members really go all out for their bits because lord knows…there isn’t a big time movie roll on the other side of the door for them. I love Kenan’s “What’s up with That!?” and the recurring digital shorts done so well by Andy Samberg. And of course Kristen Wiig can do no wrong on the SNL stage in my eyes. The only thing I can find issue with is the casting. Nasim Pedrad and Jenny Slate look exactly alike. Like Exactly! It’s uncanny because they were hired at the same time and play similar roles. I don’t understand and I don’t mind. I’m a big fan of both, especially Nasim and her portrayal of any and all “dark” skinned ethnicities; namely her Kim Kardashian impersonation. She herself hails from Tehran so shouts to all my Iranian people.

Also in the news is the Winter Olympics. Making Xenophobia cool once again! I love to make completely irrational statements about how much I hate Canada, but really I just like being able to take a stance which I don’t have to defend. Being a Patriot is all the defense I need. So far the Canadians have botched the opening ceremony, before today had never won a Gold at home, and there’s one more thing…oh yea, Somone DIED! I’m upset about it, not because it happened but because it happened in practice. The Winter Games to me are beyond stupid. Skiing, snowboarding, even curling are alright. But Ice dancing, short track speed skating, and the Luge are all seemingly stupid sports that defeat the purpose of games. Finding 4 guys, a bobsled and a track to race on not to mention competition seems much harder than just 4 guys a ball and a hoop? Who thought these things up? And with so little athleticism involved in some of these events are they really even Olympic in degree of difficulty. Don’t get me wrong I love watching Apollo Ohno and his nearly 30 year old goatee but I love it because as in his Silver medal winning race two guys collided and if they crashed in a manner just 6 inches different one way or the other we could have seen someone lose their head…literally. Basically, when the difference between good and bad is to far apart the sport stops being fun. In Luge for instance the Georgian racer who lost his life has two options at the top of the hill. He could either do really well and top out at over 90 MPH or he could do really poorly and carry that speed into a concrete post. I wish that had he done it in a competition, in front of fans (a live T.V. audience is now a thing of the past in this post-Janet Jackson society of ours), perhaps then we could put a stop to this nonsense. Until then I will continue to watch each short track race just wondering when someone will lose a finger, and each Sled based race and wonder how long it will be until we tire of seeing people hurtling across ice? Talk about cultural differences, if not for these made up competitions in the Winter Games, we may never see anyone of Nordic decent atop a medal stand. Is there any amount of money someone could pay you to partake in the winter Olympics right now? I’d have to say no. One run down the ice or snow and I may not live to spend my riches. The Canucks by the way have won their first gold but not before I got to witness an American snatch one away from them on the last run of the day in Women's Moguls!! MINDLESS CHANTS!! MINDLESS CHANTS!!

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