Birthday Sex

It’s officially my favorite time of year!!! Where I grew up there aren’t really any seasons but it was always nice to know there were more days of school behind you than ahead of you, and that’s what spring means. It’s also time for baseball, track, and Halter top day. But today is really important for one reason in specific…It’s Spike Lee’s Birthday. Perhaps the single greatest movie maker of his era, you really can’t say he’s done a “bad” film. Shelton Jackson Lee was born in 1957 in Atlanta but his first film ironically was made in 1986. That year he was almost 30 and I was just arriving but his films have always been my favorite. He makes films the same way I would. He talks about topics that are important to him, and he includes things he enjoys personally like shoes and music…and Rosie Perez. Spike is an amazing artist who never quite found the acclaim many lesser artists did largely due I think to his devotion to making art and never really commercializing his work. For that I respect him. His life may be branded up and down, but when he puts out a creation it’s more likely to be attacking the establishment than supporting it. So in honor of his birthday I got a pair of Tom’s shoes. Which means not only will he get a pair, but some kid in the third world will too, and it might even be their Born/birth day too?

I’m sitting naked in my room writing this because I just woke up after the LONGEST nap I’ve had in a while. Well, it wasn’t really a nap, After I peeled myself off the couch around 2 AM last night, I got in bed and didn’t move for the next ten hours. During the term I never sleep in. I don’t even hit snooze. I swear. So knowing that today I would have no school, work, or other engagement I just don’t think my body was going to let me wake up a moment too soon. It felt like I came out of a coma, trust me I kinda know about such things. It was warm yesterday for the first time in months so that was nice. I always forget how ridiculously nice this town can be when it’s warm. It’s a veritable Jumanji with all the plant life and insect spawning going on in such a short amount of time. But with months of rain, all it takes is the quickest burst of sun to set things off. I walked outside after my last test and was like wow, it FEELS better out here! I didn’t know what spring fever was but you honestly feel hunkered down in the winter. It’s cold and harsh, and your body doesn’t worry about anything but staying alive, but now that this sun has hit us…how could you not feel friskier?

I wrote earlier about this week being good for me, and so far it’s shaping up to be fairly nice. I just saw the link on twitter for a review of “Breaking Bad” and that really put a smile on my face. It’s funny that this show has caught my attention because Giancalro Esposito is a new’ish character to the show. Through 2 seasons I think he’s only been in an episode or two. But in his prime he starred as Buggin’Out, the loud mouthed friend to Mookie in my all time favorite Spike Lee film, “Do the Right Thing”. Oh how things come full circle!

I think that’s it for me. I plan to do a bunch of writing over the next few days but for now I think it’s time to do another photo purge from my desktop.

Civil Unions are for Fags...Literally

What's this world coming to?

What's My life coming to?

I feel this way ALL OF THE TIME.


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This is my life.

Ya'Know..I just want to know what the fur tail accessory is all about?
You're not really my type..but you are kinda cute.

We lost another member of the club today. Be well

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