Ghost Post #3

Well everybody, it’s time to say goodbye. JT-Rex is back and I just want to say goodbye. I hope you’ve enjoyed my time here as much as I have. It’s been real. Here are 3 more for the road...

Photoshop is racist- Yea sure travel is fun but lets not forget that our racism isn’t like their racism. It’s a surprise anyone of color from America can do ads overseas. I mean even here stateside, Barbie knows better than to cross the color barrier for sake of sales. But over there…you can’t even show a black face when you’re advertising software. Last time I checked there was no involvement of race in opening up a word document, and the faces shown in this ad weren’t even purported to have anything to do with the design of the application, so if you were worried about a minority tainting this software with their inferior ideas…that’s not a concern you need to have.

Neck Tatz- I think life is full of choices. Tattoos are one of them that really show just what you’re path in life was, and will be. Keg stand, bong rips, one nighters…Nothing goes to show more about your character and who you truly are than what you choose to do to your body. And a neck tat’ says it all. I often wish I could have a neck tat. I think it’d be great to be able to have that look but guess what…how many dudes do you see walking around at 80 years old with tattoos on their necks? Not many I’m sure. Now this may have more to do with the place you live, or the lack of old people in your life, but to me it says, neck tat’s are for those that die young. And that’s what makes them so B.A. You’re telling every man, woman, and child around you, that you’re in it to win it, and things may end in the process but you are okay with that. More succinctly, “I ain’t never scared!” Which is dope, especially when it comes to the ladies. But you know what that doesn’t say about you…”Hire me” Life is all fun and games but to be honest I don’t know that a neck tat is something I’d want to stray to far from a college campus with. I mean honestly that thing is going to outlive its usefulness quick, fast, and in a hurry. Kinda like the morning after pill at a Pride parade. But I’ve got an old soul. I don’t see myself in my late 20’s and early 30’s being the man I wish I could have been ten years before. At that time I’d like to be well on my way to the man I wish to be ten years in the future, but with a younger mans body. I just can’t make that kinda decision knowing the shelf life of it’s usefulness is so short.

Allow Me to show you- I don’t know what you think, but it is possible that I made some rude comments about Kim Kardashian and ‘T-Rex’s inexplicable attraction to her. What’s more bothersome to me is that he has no idea what he should be looking for. I think he knows what "healthy" looks like, but like any one on a diet what comes easy and what might be bad for you are often one and the same. So on my way out, let me just say this. Kim is dumb, she is way too dumb for him or anyone for that matter. The slack jawed picture seen above just kind of cements for you what in my mind she always looks like…mouth agape not a thought in her head. To be honest that quote down there, is what makes the most sense to me in reference to her. She tweets and I don’t read it, she has a show and I don’t watch it. I even saw the sex tape on mute.

Please just please take a look at these candidates instead.

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