That Vegan Cheddar Was Nasty

So Spring Break is roughly half done and it's been a blast so far. I have a lot of great stories about the time I got to spend with my friends who I love and miss. It's 2:13am local time so I won't get into all that yet. I'm just here to dispel the myth of my demise. Hopefully you guys are all caught up because there will be lots of content coming your way. After a visit to my dream job (no not the White House) I have renewed determination to really meet some of this potential people tend to think I have.

And now as promised. My first ever, random story about my time at UCLA Medical.

I remember in late April I was almost ready to go home. I had been in the CCU since April 17 and I was really quite ready to go home. In hindsight, I was very much of the belief that if I didn't think anything was seriously wrong, then nothing bad would ever happen. That would soon change. I had someone bring me food, because as anyone who has spent time in a hospital knows, tasty = unhealthy to doctors so tasty is not what they serve you. I was eating a chipotle burrito...I haven't had one since I don't think though I don't attribute it to this. Anyway...I was sitting up on my bed and eating. Enjoying my last night of confinement. All of a sudden the nurses rushed into my room rather worried. Now me being me, I was only annoyed. Annoyance is my primary reaction to almost everything. In people 50 years my elder this is termed, "crotchety". So with burrito bol before me, I put down the fork and allowed them to fuss over me. That was the last time I took a bite of that burrito. Over the next 5-8 minutes on call doctors arrived, more nurses, and any random person from the hall seemed to be in my room. There are parts of this night that I do remember but don't feel like discussing though I also recall cracking wise to the doctor when they asked if I was still conscious which, unfortunately for at that moment, yes, I was. That would soon change. So finally after the mad scramble for a crash cart came up fruitless a nurse hurried off to retrieve it and I was left on a bed with a room full of people and the bed tilted so my feet were higher than my head. At a time like this most people would be quite worried and perhaps even panicked. I however wasn't even really curious. I didn't have any pain...well not from my body at least. And so I was unconcerned. Why you might ask?

It's simple. How the fuck should I have known what was happening? There is no way I could guess, and not being a trained doctor, there was even less chance I could self diagnose, so no I wasn't even the least bit nervous, I felt fine and so I daydreamed. I remember looking over at my burrito bringer; which is the only neutral term I can think to use for them at this point, and thinking I'll bet from where she's sitting I look a mess right now. Then every thing went black.

Two days later I woke up with a whiteboard and a marker laying on my lap. By the way I'm writing this story now so from a big picture point of view I think we know how this eventually ends. And aren't we glad all their hard work has culminated with my tapping away at these keys? I thought not.

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  1. I miss you. Thanks for the story!