I miss you all the time

I don't like assholes...no really like visible anus' annoy me. But the two I live with make me miss Waffles like the dickens. These two cats I live with now are nothing like her and I truly loathe and detest them. And what makes them the worst is that they have some sense of entitlement to everything. They try to sit on your lap and when you shoo them away they will force themselves on you. I however am not one to be bullied and so after many failed attempts Vince and/or drama always make it a point to stand facing away from you with tail held high, looking for someone else to bother. I'm not so naive as to think they don't know I'm now getting a full view of their butt hole. In the cat version of flipping the bird it's passive aggressive and somewhat bitchy. Just like every other trait they have.

I don't hate cats, but these two really make me understand why most people do. I also can't get with the shedding. I remember having a day dream about people shedding the same way snakes do; Head to toe, and only once a month or so. This is more to do with the fact I hate the way I feel after I exfoliate, but before i use lotion but it should be a universal truth that if you shed you have to do it all at once and in an easy to clean method. Snakes>Cats

I'm going to have stop this fairly random diatribe and move on to something a bit more...Fascinating.

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