I just finished watching the new Lady Gaga video for "Telephone" and I think I'm offended. Blatant copying of steeze aside (more on that later). I've got a small thesis on ol' Stef but right now I'm just pissed that she shat all over the work of Quentin Tarantino all while shilling for Richard Branson and Dr. Dre. Yea she's ONLY in it for the fame. How famous are you if your whole thing is masks? I can only point you out in a lineup if you're adorned in a halloween costume!! Thats not fame....

As you can see... I'm back.

I just started writing and the anger came back, like a dammed river finally unleashed. I still have a few odds n ends to finish up (finals) but once I'm done I will be back to finish you off Ms. Gaga. You poisoning Tyrese was fairly funny, but the only redeeming thing about that video seemed to be Beyonce.

And if you're wondering why It is I'm so mad lets just look at her song. Gagme...excuse me, Gaga, is singing about someone who just won't leave her alone. She's being blown up on her Virgin mobile phone and all she wants to do is dance. This is fine, I mean we know in the past her boyfriends in reality didn't think she was shit, and her claim to fame is going on with her vision quest anyway. And props to her for accomplishing that and showing them who's who in the end. But if I'm to believe there ever has been a time some dude was dying to get in her pants, it must have been because he left something in there he didn't want to go in the wash? Moreover singers and rappers discussing things that never really happened is nothing new so that is less important to me, but to her followers (monsters they call themselves?) this is dangerous. Now they too are empowered to believe they ought to writhe the nights away on dance floors in discotheques across the globe all while ignoring those calls we know just aren't coming.

Raise your hand if in the last 6 months you've been out dancing and someone, presumably someone you would sleep with on any other night, was blowing you up trying to get ahold of you? It's ok I'll wait.................................................................bill collectors don't count..........................................thought so. She's selling a lie that only offends me because people are going to try and imitate it. She's hyping up her fan base on some idea that makes no sense. I could go on and on about the video but I'll say this, I've had Stefani in my sights for some time and I feel like I love her and Hate her no in between. I think that's what she wants but it doesn't make the reasons I hate her any less valid. The video as a whole was good. I mean, lots of work obviously went into it. Her dancing was very good, and the story line was there. But at 4:32 she busts out a move which is sacrilegious in my eyes. She invoked the King of Pop and I simply don't agree. Gaga is big, but she's not that big, and trust me, time won't be as kind to her. In closing I'll say this; I was going to save this stat for a later post but it fits well here. Gaga just went DIAMOND. She sold 10 Million copies of her album, Fame, worldwide. Now considering her second album was basically her second album 2.0 I'm not sure how exciting this is but in a day and age where even the most avid fans still download music it's an accomplishment few have matched. Unless you count the Backstreet Boys, MC Hammer, and Britney Spears...Twice. Trust me selling a lot of albums doesn't make you a good musician just like a lot of votes doesn't make you a good politician. Right GW!

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