I Miss You Guys

Lord knows by the activity on this site, I have about 3 readers, but thats ok. I like to bring it up because I know there are actually people out there, who are okay with remaining silent. It reminds me of the scene in that Jim Carrey Movie where he gets spotted by a friend and called on his cell phone, only when he realizes he's been seen, he tries to act like he's on the phone with someone else and convince his friend he's called a wrong number at the same time. It was Yes man to be exact. Great flick.

Anyway I can't really write right now because If I save anything I'm afraid I'll lose it during the Archive and Install I have planned after the term is done. I just typed this straight to the page and I don't like doing that because then I say things like "Will tore down" instead of "will tear down" and that upsets me. Me not stupid, I can conjugate verb right way, me promise."

I just wanted to check in to let yall know that I got a bit of good news today, apparently they're gonna let me outta this place finally. My degree is within arms reach and by June I will be a certified Bachelor of the Political Sciences! (...then I'll go for Masters, and my Masters Masters, then my Doctrine!! Or maybe just move home and try not to get anyone pregnant? Shouts to comedy central for that Chappele's show marathon, which in turn invoked this Kanye reference.)

My only question is this...Are they stupid?! I feel less competent now than I did in 2005 only now I'll have a piece of paper saying I'm like, qualified, and stuff. Weird. Oh well the Earths days are now shorter than before after that colossal quake in Chile, so I won't have to be unemployed quite as long as I thought being that the Apocalypse is hurtling towards us even faster than before. 2012 or Bust right?

I'm setting the tentative return date for March 22, 2010. That will give me enough time to sleep off the hangover from my birthday week...or maybe it won't either way it should be fun to be back behind the keys.

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