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So it’s finally here the time we’ve (pronounced: I) have all been waiting for! Hating is an American tradition, like apple pie or outsourcing jobs to brown people in other countries. I want to take the next 5 days to fully research each facet of this part of the American way. It’s so uniquely ours that I think it has constitutional protection. The first Amendment gives us the right to speak freely and that means when the girl on 16 and Pregnant tells her mom to go “Fuck herself” she doesn’t have to realize what a moron she sounds like. It’s protected speech! I’m a blogger now and it just dawned on me that I can no long spout my hate speech freely. There is a strong anti-blogger sentiment among famous people. How would you like it if you busted your ass to make a living and then people just sat back and tore down your accomplishments anonymously, while you had to sit there and take it? Yea I wouldn’t care either but that’s what is great about hating. You can talk shit about how Lady Gaga is so weird but at the end of the day she still gets to climb inside her spaceship and go back to a planet we’ve never heard of and you’re still single, unemployed, and bitter. Everyone is happy! People in the public eye, call people like me, people who make criticisms from behind the computer screen, on the couch in their moms basement, Losers or more accurately Haters. Well I take issue with that, I am not on my mom’s couch…I have my own thank you very much! In all reality, I write most of this junk on my blackberry and text it to myself to format for my wonderful readers. I spend far less time on these things than any prospective victim of mine may claim. So, I’m not the classic basement level shit-talker. I’m just a regular shit-talker and so I feel confident in my diatribes. Not to mention I’m informed. I had an entire post planned for a special someone but after an hour on a bike and 3 albums later I had an entirely new take on things. So tune in this week and check out what I have in store for you guys. Peep the schedule below for highlights to watch for.

Monday- What is hating? – Hate vs Hating

Tuesday- The Hater Hall of Fame. The most hateriffic of all time ever.

Wednesday- A list of Hateful Proportions. Things I just plain Hate.

Thursday- How can you have haters if I don’t know who you are?

Friday- My #1 hate Target. Who is it? Come find out.

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