Ghost Post #1

Don't worry, we got ya' covered. While JT-Rex is making a pit stop he's asked me to fill in and try to put up some of the things he's come across while adding a bit of different flavor in the interim. You can find me Here.

I must say it's a weird request, so often we are focused on the Artistic vision we have for our own ideas that branching out and doing crossover work (if you can call this work) is an alien feeling almost. Needless to say I will try and keep with the Traditions here at the WB&C.

1) First of all we've had many discussions about the end of the world. We agree that the scene in Armageddon where Steve Buscemi is parked on top of the Nuke, waiting for the meteor to collide with Earth is by far the funniest shit you could do with the end of civilization that close at hand. Any way he wouldn't allow me to do this without at least one Nasa mention, and they contend that the 8.8 earthquake in Chile may or may not have shifted earths axis 8 cm or for those of you who only speak English...3 inches or so. 'T-Rex is pissed because some scientists are out there and they don't think it's significant at all. However, if he thinks he's right...then it's best to just let him think he is right. (TRUST ME) He'll even tell you he's got no way of knowing, but your fearless leader will argue to the ends of the earth that the days are now shorter and the Apocalypse is now upon us quicker and quicker with each passing day.

2) Sarah Morrison is a Silverlake area socialite who also was formerly Steve Aoki's main squeeze. Her tweet linked here and pictured below describe a man not unlike this blogs creator. He's not keen on some world famous DJ's sloppy seconds, but I told him, "if the shoe fits, then break that shit innn!" Not to mention if she was good enough for A.O., then whats your problem? I don't think he has any plans of contacting her, but we should make a concerted effort to pass his name along. I mean look at what she's asking for. Great shoes, ambition, no alcohol...thats a rare set of exact matches right? If this dude gets a random facebook message from her, lord knows what he'd say?! I cannot wait for the day I get a text talking about, "WTF! How did this chick find me!" not that it'd be hard to guess. From what I hear this blog is fairly un-interactive so he's sure to assume it was me...and he'll be right most likely. Lets make this happen!

3) Lastly but not leastly I want to leave you with the song that brought us into familiarity. When he saw this video posted on my blog apparently he knew then, that we had enough in common to strike up a conversation. I'm Mikey McFly your Ghost Poster signing off until next time. Please follow me @

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