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I swear this Blog is the worst thing for my GPA. I put far more time into this than anything else really. One of the new innovations I've decided to employ here is the use of "bumps". Anyone who reads me regularly knows that the photos I include often correspond to the points I'm making in the text. Now I want to do the same with sound. Just below is a post about my last trip home. It's probably the only story I'll include being that so much time has passed and a true recap isn't really relevant anymore. What is going to happen from now on is that when my page loads you'll be greeted with a soundbite that relates to the newest post. (What you're hearing now corresponds to the post below) Obviously there are always subliminal or subtextual plot lines here and I think a lot of times the music will play on that. By the way for the uninitiated a "bump" is the radio industry term for sound playing into and out of breaks during a show. I like this idea better than having entire songs mainly because it seems most folks aren't here that long and those that are probably have their own music playing. I don't know how many of you check this from a mobile device (shouts to Sis and her Nexus) but I know there may be issues getting Soundcloud to play on an iPhone or iTouch. As always your comments are welcome. Now as promised a story about the hospital:

There is an epidemic of incompetent switch board operators in hospitals. I can’t tell you the number of times I have gotten a call sent to my room asking for Sheila or Barry or Lourdes. I always try to be polite and tell them to try again, no I cannot transfer you, yes this is the hospital, No I do not know what room they’re in. So on this night as I lay staring at the ceiling when the phone rang round'about 1 AM I didn’t think to answer it. But it rang and rang and there was something about it that made me think something was up. So I reached over and grabbed it. That’s what she said...

It was Dr. Kwon. “Hey Murray?”

“Hey Jerome, I have to ask you about something so listen first then tell me what you think.”

“..*sweats* ok doc, shoot.”

“We may have a heart for you but there are some things I’ve gotta let you know first.”

This is the first time anyone has ever offered me a body part and I’m unsure the proper protocol so I just sit there nervously.

“The CDC (yes that one) mandates that we advise anyone who may receive organs, of the risks that come along with them. We have a 43 year old Male who is a good size match for you.”


“Well he was incarcerated less than a month ago and so there is a chance he was exposed to Hep C or HIV while inside and it may still be too soon for a positive test to show up on the blood work.”

Now imagine you need a transplant and the first fuckin one they offer up belongs to an ex con. Definitely was something I considered beforehand and it was probably the only thing I didn’t want. Murphy’s Law in full effect. Oh but it gets better.

“Babble, babble, Doc I don’t know what to say? Am I allowed to say no? I wasn’t expecting to get an offer so soon. It’s 1:48 Am and I’m by myself, I wasn’t expecting to have a choice?”

Dr.Kwon calms me down, slows me down, and assures me that this is all standard and really a function of our good relationship. He feels we can talk constructively and I deserve to have some input.

“..*my government name*…I feel that I have to let you know something else before you think any further.”

“Oh, Great”

“This guy…he died from a self inflicted gunshot wound.”

“..Oh? Do tell?”

“Well he was out on parole and I guess he raped a woman..”

That sentence doesn’t trail off but in my head I instantly begin to assume I’m going to end up with a rapist's heart because I still am not sure I get to say no. I die a thousand deaths in that second.

“…and he was on the run from the police. Apparently there was a stand off and he shot himself in the head.”

“Oh, well that isn’t good.”

Dr. Kwon begins to reassure me and talk over other details of the situation pertaining to what would happen if I say yes. He informs me that this call is because if we go forward with this he is going to have to start calling people and waking them up, namely the Chief of Medicine to get the final okay. I do apparently have the right to decline this offer but with a hall full of people waiting I feel it would almost be rude of me to pass up this opportunity we all are waiting for. Then again saying no frees up this heart for someone else to take. Now I’m not sure if I’ve made it abundantly clear but there is only one crime on this earth that I truly care about. I think rape is the most heinous, truly reprehensible crime on the planet. I would rather have Enron snatch my retirement out from under me than watch anyone be raped. I just simply cannot abide it under any circumstances. To think that I could get out of the hospital and end the waiting game right then and there was scary enough. But adding in the fact that in order to do so I would sign up to live the rest of my life with a heart once used to rape someone…I just had no words. I mulled over in my head if I was even ready for surgery. This along with the more legitimate HIV and Hep C realated risks led me to eventually say no.

Then I went back to staring at the ceiling with plenty more to think about.

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