Sabes que te quiero pero te mataré si me dejas

They don't call it a romance language for nothing. =) I was stuck in a room by myself all day today. Well not really by myself, "Maddie", the Anthropomorphic cartoon representation of the average shopper at your local Macy's location was there to guide me through my training. I spent 7 hours today trapped inside the mall and hated most every minute of it. The ladies who work in HR are actually extremely nice so shout out to them for helping me blindly fumble my way through a job I had to keep reminding myself high school kids can do. See this job would have been a lot more appealing if I wasn't moments from a Bachelors degree, but I just spent over $100,000 and 5 years working so I'd never have to do shit like this but here I am with a summer job all lined up. I was actually warned during the portion of our training that outlines the code of conduct that anything I do or say on my own time "may" be used as grounds for dismissal but to be honest 1) You'd almost be doing me a favor, 2) I dare you.

I'm kidding, I love Macy's and actually found their history to be quite intriguing. The average shopper there is a middle aged woman, in the work force, perhaps with a kid, perhaps not. So I imagine my time in the Men's Wear department will be mostly tranquil. The funniest part about today was that the computer system I was on crashed and I actually had fun setting it all back up so I could continue to drone on with my mock transactions. I'm just a teachers kid is all.

The bigger issue is so close I won't be able to write about it until after it's happened I fear. I may find a moment to really bust out this end of school post I've been equally dreading and loving but the P-units will be here in force by next Sunday so I may actually just commit suicide instead and save myself the pain and suffering that is sure to come. I haven't really even done a true recap of my trip home I don't think (there are LOTS of drafts sitting on my desktop right now) and that means no one, except those who were there, knows about the job offers I got. But what about Grad school? My ex dumped me because I selfishly wanted to chase my dreams to go to law school on the east coast and she was sick of waiting (can you blame her though?). It'd be a shame to lose both her and the dream but CA is just so damn sunny how can I resist? Until I can collect my thoughts I'm just going to say I have a choice much the same as the chick in the Notebook. My two great loves are pulling me in opposite directions and I cannot pick where I want to end up. I know I've got some good ideas started elsewhere so I'm going to stop babbling now and go work on them so I can get something done. Until then..the job I'm glad not to have.

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