Fulfill your duties young man

Some nights provide stories that don't need to be written. Mainly because they're all stories in the end. This one may happen to contain streaking at 3 AM after closing down the bar, or a mother in full cougar mode at a party after a few drinks, or perhaps best of all Sir CockBlockington III of Cockblockshire; who told me in plain english come nights end that he was staying with me because I was the only person left whom he knew. But so what, it's still just a story about a night. The night also included me getting the most legit ride home ever midway through my walk across town which does deserve some pub' so shouts to my girl Holly and the Oregon Taxi co.

Tonight was definitely a good night so don't get me wrong when I say it's nothing to write about. It was just nothing out of the ordinary. If anything it was as much like anything I've ever done as any night in my life...except for the streaking...yea that set it apart but that's a different story altogether. Speaking of things staying the same I have given up sleep for lent. It is neither Lent nor am I Catholic but what I do want to do is stop sleeping. I get a lot more done and though my daylight hours tend to drag at the end of a 40 hour pull or near the end of a week in which I've only accrued 20-25 hours of sleep, I still find it preferable. I also did most of my sleeping post coitus as a monogamous man but lately I don't see that as the end of my night. This night went well though I feel bad for leaving Sir Cockblockington at some random house party. Though then again not really. He and the tool bags at the door deserve each other. Oh by the way...I graduated today.

Gimme the night

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