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This post could get real deep, real fast but...well let me stop there. Everything I write has that potential. What I mean to say here is that no single piece of television has influenced my life quite the way Breaking Bad has. The characters all make me hate them and then respect them or some iteration thereof. I honestly have to say I can't tell you how realistic the show is due to my limited experience in the drug game but I can vouch with absolute certainty that the lessons the show teaches are beneficial in the life game. I mean lets take Marie, Walt's sister in law. She is a kleptomaniac, she's selfish, and she can be irrational. She also is loving and devoted. Her man was gunned down by some hitmen working for the Juarez cartel and instead of being consumed by fear **coughmomcough** she stepped up her expectations of herself and everyone around her. Of course to an equally irrational level as you'd expect but still no bed was too comfy and no silverware was too clean. She fought and advocated for her man and best of all...She was there to kick his ass when he didn't want to work. When he had given up on himself she reminded him there were those who looked up to him and relied on him. The scene is perfect because it actually illustrates a piece of advice I've given several of my girlfriends*. (*Not lady callers, female amigos.)

"Whenever you want to say something and be sure your guy hears you, make sure you're gripping his balls when you say it." I guarantee with 100% certainty that even if your man is dumb enough to not do it, he will be able to recite word for word what you told him. If by chance he doesn't recall then guess what...He's not your man.

If you're curious, the scene revolves around Hank not wanting to get out of the hospital because he was embarrassed to need help walking. She was giving him a bed bath and decided to take things beneath the sheets. She dared him that if she could get him chubby then he would have to agree to come home. Like a fool he tried to get out of the bet, but talk about bets you simply cannot lose. So he gives her one minute to try and stroke his pole into tent making status and sits back daring her to succeed. To his shock and hers the lil' soldier stood at attention like we all knew it would! Smash cut to the next scene and he is being wheeled out and right behind him with a smile of perfect content is his woman. Kudos to you madam. You may be a thieving, whiny, bitch most episodes, second only to your sister Skylar (more on that hoe later) in Cuntiness. But this day you stood tall and proud as you helped your man...also stand tall and proud. {Sidenote: the only true place for a HJ is the hospital...or the movies #worksforme #truestory} The list of derogatory terms for this is long and colorful. Bottom bitch, main hoe, down as broad. But I reject those mainly because they're demeaning but also not fully accurate. She in that moment was more like the team captain.

Not always the star player, but someone EVERYBODY listens to. She saw the star of the team moping and did what had to be done, not just to pleasure this guy but also to get the team back on track. For any of you who are athletically inclined this is the role Derek Fisher plays for the Lakers. Probably the only one who has a shot in hell of getting Kobe to even acknowledge him in the crunch but still not all that important in the grand scheme.

So you see what just happened there... I wanted to tell a story of how this show in particular makes me feel like no other show (and very few people) have ever made me feel before but instead I got into a 600 word tangent. And this is why I said I couldn't let things get deep. Otherwise I'd still be explaining how there are more stars in the sky than grains of sand on all the beaches in the world and what that means about you and me ultimately. But that makes my point in a way now doesn't it. I did and often still do begrudge people based on taste. If you listen to certain music or watch certain shows, I just can't fuck with you. It's not in my nature. But I think I'm starting to relax that stance a bit. I was at a point where even though the drama is entirely constructed within the script and the show fits perfectly together because it is all planned and pre-made... I just couldn't help but be overwhelmed with emotion. And to that end I feel like anyone who can get that same feeling from something needs to indulge and be left to do so in peace. I will most likely still question your ability to be moved by Edward and Bella, or Frodo and Golem but I don't want to deprive anyone of that feeling art can sometimes give us. Goddamn this show is nuts. Catch the Finale this Sunday night.

(You've Got) The Magic Touch
Told Ya! -The Mgmt. 6/9/10

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