Why so serious?

Sometimes I feel villainous, immoral, and malevolent. It makes me act in a way that doesn't reflect the person I'd like to be. I may do bad things but I feel better making than breaking, giving than taking, and certainly much better by forgetting than forgiving. =)

As for you, Youtube, and greater Capitalist America at large...I could not give a flying fuck about Robert Pattinson and which cereal he eats while Swedish Hookers take turns swapping his Brit-Jizz back and forth in a Hotel room somewhere. I am saddened and offended that this would entice anyone to click the link though I know it will because there are 5 names I can think of right now that would make me do the same thing. (kanyemayajetergnarlsrex) So I'm as always no better than the rest but it still is like a swift kick in the nuts to see drivel raking in money while people with actual valuable ideas sit and suffer.

I try not to support anything I actually hate deep down inside. I believe at one point it was called morality, and when you just couldn't resist it was called a guilty pleasure. Being a revolutionary is hard work. I'm not soap boxing every day, I don't live in a commune...I don't even really recycle that much. This country had about 265 years of political inertia going before I was born and so I've quickly learned I'm not gonna be the one to turn things around. But at this time, on this day I fucking hate that what we are selling is Robert Fucking Pattinson. Not him, but what he is part of. Hollywood at large, crappy Disney Movies and the mind fuck they are for kids, People Magazine, and on and on, etc. It isn't even that I hate those things so much. It's the feeling of knowing my friends and neighbors all consume it. We as a people will not go down in history as a great civilization. We are going to go down as a fat, unhappy, immature, group of folks. Most of all I'm mad at myself for not caring more, or doing more, mostly for resembling this remark, for being part of it all. Wall-E was a great movie because it so accurately evoked the present through a lens even a child could understand.

So don't sell me R.Patt, sell me something I can use. Sell me the patience to put up with the general public so I can go run for office and try to do some good without having a goddamn stroke. Sell me the cure for bad driving so I can fly a crop duster over the goddamned 405 freeway. Sell me a way to be a better boyfriend so my girlfriend won't go get corn holed by some Coke head because he "is the right accessory for this outfit." I would love to buy the cure for cancer so I don't have to watch my friends brother text me updates about how they're discontinuing life support today, I didn't ever think I'd watch someone die via BBM. If you could just find a way to mass market tolerance so we don't see people blowing each other up over a patch of dry arid land in the Middle East that would be sweet. It's been a long time, but if I sound whiny or uninformed. Misguided or aloof. If right now you're asking me to come off my high horse, you can shut the fuck up because I'm not talking to you anyway.

Now you know why I want to fly to space so bad. Let's watch this and cool out now.

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  1. I'm not sure why I put my pic up on this? Wierd day I guess. Cool name tag too.