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I'm working on some new angles. New inspirations, and with summer here and at least for the moment I can do as much of this as I want guilt free. So enjoy the flick's while I cook up some more text.

Re: Jane's Addiction what I meant to say was that I wish I still had someone to confide in not so much that I wish I could still or want to now, confide again. Anywho...to make a horribly broad and not all that accurate comparison I feel a lot of times that my mind works a lot like a nuclear reactor. It's got a great capacity for output but creates a lot of waste in the process. It's power can be harnessed for a lot of good things, but has equal potential to melt down and destroy quite literally. And of course each need maintenance and supervision to continue to run properly. I think it is no small coincidence that when I lost the person I was able to talk to everyday to keep me grounded and in check that it wasn't long before I started writing publicly. I have no where to go with these thoughts a lot of time and when I had no one to tell them to it didn't stop them from coming. Now that I'm better they only come quicker. I have vivid dreams and nightmares all the time and they bother me. People die, I hurt people, things are always based in reality and instead of the unreal shocking me I get scared at how close to reality things can be. I think I'll take my weird, unshakable, Fentnyl dreams over these nature made nightmares any day.

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