Gift and A Curse

It is nice to have the sun out and the weather warm up, but summer is also the season when sleeping with someone in your bed becomes...problematic. Not for me though..I don't sleep. The heat does foster my one true favorite thing though..sleeping nude. I love PJ's as much as the next guy, but is there really a feeling better than being nekkie? Nope didn't think so. I have seen a lot more sun ups than I think I ever imagined I would. I literally thought today, long and hard about asking my doctor for Ambien. Partly so I can see what Tiger Woods was all excited about and partly so I can function on a normal schedule.

I wrote a while back about how I have a distaste for American soccer, and I very much still do. However there is one thing that makes me happy and that is seeing them win despite the blatant robbery going on. Soccer is probably my favorite sport to play but it is getting close to my least favorite to watch. It is like the rules say you have to overreact and bitch out at the slightest sign on contact. Soccer players get hit and hurt legitimately a lot, but there is an advantage to be gained by pretending you have when in fact you haven't and what's more is that players will forgo opportunities in the moment by flopping to set up a free kick and a new possibility later. I hate it. I can't stand it. It's pathetic. The best part of american football is that the play isn't over until the ball carrier is knocked or dragged to a stop. Falling is something to avoid. Watching players give their all to avoid falling or try to inflict the hit to make a tackler fall first is awe inspiring. Watching good athletes duck and dive is sissified and frustrating. The Americans have had to learn it to keep pace and I think to gain me as a fan they will have to learn a new fully American style. I want to see a team that plays through hits and gives just as much as it gets. I'll bet MONEY that this translates to more goals. It also depends on the assumption that ref's don't penalize this aggressiveness, but with 2 goals disallowed in a span of 2 games it doesn't seem FIFA or the refs could be doing anymore to fuck us over anyway. Oh well, at least I have this to cheer me up. 0 goals. 0 wins. A country that's #1 export is quite clearly....Losers.
Now let's have another story from my time in the clink:
I was taking a cocktail of pills for about 2 months and part of the regimen was a series of electrolytes. The balance of those vitamins in your blood are essential to the bodies ability to conduct electricity. I was under massive diuretic treatment so I was peeing more than I was allowed to drink back each day. The resulting situation was a "need" for supplements. Most pills are fairly uniform in size but I've learned to be wary of two types...the very big and the very small. Potassium is a very large pill. It also has a very distinct taste, an unpleasant one at that. So when it came to taking them I was never excited. I tried and forced myself, other times I simply threw them out. One day I was made to take a Potassium pill against my will and subsequently vomited. Needless to say I was feeling murderous and the nurse who forced me never got assigned to my room again. I swore then that I didn't care..I wasn't going to be taking any more Potassium. Weeks later I went in for a checkup in the VAD clinic and part of that process is to check the 'scrips list. We go down the list and make sure that what I'm taking matches what they have written down for me. We got to Potassium and as per my "do not lie to doctors rule" I said no...I've stopped taking Potassium. In fact truth be told I had never taken Potassium on a consistent basis. I had taken less than a handful of pills during the entire 2 months up to that point when I should have gone through at least a few bottles by then. Like I didn't suit me. I fully acknowledge I can often be too smart for my own good and that makes me a horrible patient. But my reasoning is sound. People will tell you to do stupid things because the risk lies with you and not with them. Just following blindly like sheep works for some but not for me. It absolutely just sucks. And to top it all off my blood tests dating back to the start of all this revealed....that the level of Potassium in my blood had never been low. NEVER! The doc's didn't care the pills were huge, or that it made me vomit. They were blindly treating a symptom that wasn't even there.
And people wonder why I don't listen to anybody... SMH

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  1. I totally agree with you about soccer/futbol. Some of the acting I've seen this world cup is worse than Vlade Divac's old renditions.